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Work with Me:
Educational Partnerships & Public Presentations

My speaking engagements inspire others to become more AWARE and IN-TUNE with themselves.  

Participants will leave my presentations with more HOPE, KNOWLEDGE and an increased COMPASSION for themselves and the world around them.

Each of my presentations allow for a UNIQUE look into how to SUPPORT EVERYONE no matter how they process their world and life experiences.

Some of my previous topics:

- How to create emotional connection in times of loss ~ learn what loss is and how to support others and yourself.

- How to create emotional connection in the classroom ~ how to support your students with their loss and stresses. 

- How to reset our stresses through our five senses.

- The power of the word AND. How to use it to live with more purpose. 

- How to step away from fear and into your creative power. 

- How to support yourself following a traumatic event. 

- The power that our story brings to our lives.

- How to shift our mind set. 

- The uniqueness that Neurodivergents and Dyslexics can bring to your organization. 

- Dyslexia is more than you think: learn the entire story of being Dyslexic. 

- Importance of connection to our oceans ~ science through the eyes of an artist.

Looking for School Based Presentation?

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Organizations and past speaking opportunities I have had:
Galler 501
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Pinebox Logo
Art of Strathcona
News and Akashic
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Ecole Agnes Davidson School
Self esteem truths
CBC radio
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canadian jewlers association

To see current art shows, keynote presentations, & coaching events  click here. 

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