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Out in the Community Programs

Stress Reset - Through the Senses
3 Classes: November 19, 26, December 3rd, 2022

2:15pm to 3:45pm MST
Investment:  $150



Call Balance Wellness in Sherwood Park, AB, 780-570-9644.

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Join Carleen for a 3-week sessions to learn how to use the 5-senses to reset stress in the moment. Participation can be virtual or in-person. 


This course will offer you not only a better understanding but also practical tools to take control back over the inevitable stresses of life.  

You will learn simple yet effective tools such as visualizations, breathing techniques and other practices that you can use in the moment to identify when stress is present and more easily manage it to bring balance to your emotional experiences.  


Along with practical application, there will be group discussion for a more interactive and integrative experience, as well as handouts provided so you can continue your learning and practice after the course is completed.  The information in this course is invaluable and will guide you to a better relationship with stress so to keep your mind and body in a balanced state of wellness. 

Classes are 90-minutes each.

Location is at Balance Wellness, #119 - 201 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park
AB Canada, 780-570-9644.




Call Balance Wellness in Sherwood Park, AB, 780-570-9644.

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Grief Recovery Method - Group program

8 Weekly Classes:

Starting on September 27 & Ending on November 22, 2022

(no classes on November 8th)

7pm to 9pm MST


Join Carleen for a 8-weekly sessions to learn how to move through the grief and losses that are holding you back. Participation can be virtual or in-person. 


Grief is a normal and natural reaction that occurs with loss of any kind. The issue is that many of us were just not taught how to deal with them. 

The Grief Recovery Method is a program that will help you learn:
•    How to work and deal with your losses.
•    What losses have affected you in your life. 
•    Allow you to remove unresolved emotions that maybe causing you pain. 

This program is an 8-week group formatted commitment – NOT a drop-in program.
•    Weekly classes are 2 hours in length: 7pm to 9pm.
•    Action-based group that will include group discussions, readings, & assignments.
•    It’s NOT therapy, this is an educational program that allows you to learn about you and your losses!
•    Lead by a Grief Recovery Method Specialist®.

No time is better than the present to begin working with what is holding you back!

In-person classes are held at Balance Wellness, #119 - 201 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park, AB Canada, 780-570-9644.

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