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Highly Sensitive Person or HSP

Individuals that are HSP (aka Sensory Processing Sensitivity, SPS):

  • Make up 20 % of the population.

  • Are born with this trait - it is biological.

  • Equally found in women and men. 

  • Have higher capabilities of empathy.

  • Increase to overstimulation from sensory input.

  • Process information at a deeper level.

  • Sensitive to the subtitles in environment.

  • Have more areas of their brains (limbic system) activated.

  • Have nothing wrong with them!

  • More in tune with the emotions and behaviours of others.

  • More disturbed by violence, anger, tension by others. 

  • Great appreciation for beauty.

  • Deep creative inner world.

  • Commonly confused with: Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome


Common Qualities of HSP/SPS are:

Creative     Stick up for the underdog     Compassionate      Spiritual      Loyal      Focused      Understand Emotion deeper


    Need their alone time      Ask deep thought provoking questions       Intuitive      Efficient   


Concerned about animal/environmental issues      Appreciate music/art      Organized      Easily affected by hunger 


Aware of changes in their body      Feelings can be easily hurt      Disturbed by loud noises      Respond more emotional


Dr. Elaine Aron in 1991 began to identify the innate temperament traits of an HSP and was the first to coin the term: Highly Sensitive Person, HSP, SPS. 

To take Dr. Aron's self test to determine if you might be an HSP click here.

To take Dr. Aron's self test to determine if your child may have HSP click here.

For books on HSP click here.

I am an HSP myself and a trained professional to work with those that are HSP.  Contact me today.
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