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School Based Presentations

In-House Field Trips & Art Inspired Presentations

Prices begin at $9.25/student - no added travel fees for the greater Edmonton region and suburban areas.
If you would like you students to have a ready made gift idea for a special occasion, matting can be added to the student fee so that the student's artwork is easily framed. ~ Ask Carleen for more details.  

Sloppy Art

This class is suitable for students in kindergarten and grade one. During our 90 minutes together we will create three pieces of artwork with clay, watercolour, and acrylic paint. ​

For a detailed description of the projects and costs associated please reach out to Carleen directly. 

Pinch Pot_edited-1.jpg

When Science and Art Combine

These classes are suitable for students in grade two to grade five. During a 90 minutes art class the students will create one piece of artwork that is focused on grade level ability and supports the classroom education. In these classes Carleen will bring her love of science and share facts about the animals that the students use to create their art pieces. 

For a detailed description of the projects and costs associated please reach out to Carleen directly. 

Turtle Final project.jpg
Turtle world demo.jpg

Conservation Presentations

Carleen offers conservation presentations for grades five to nine where she shares the importance of caring for our planet and our water systems. This presentation is a combination of both art and science, where she weaves both of these aspects to share the story that just one person can make a difference.

An art project can also be added onto this presentation. ​

For the high school art student Carleen shares how to use one's artwork for more than just hanging on a wall. She shares her journey in how she used her artwork to make a conservation statement. This presentation is set to inspire the students to become better for not only themselves but for the world around them as well.  

For a detailed description of the projects and the potential costs associated, please reach out to Carleen directly. 

Carleen teaching kids art
Looking for a Group class or Team Building contact Carleen to discuss.
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