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Carleen is a Canadian author and artist, who resides with her husband and two boys in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Carleen’s work depicts how she interacts with the colours and beauty she sees in the world around her.

​The main focus of Carleen’s work is that of the endangered sea turtle. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a focus in Animal Behaviour, and it is through this education that she is able to communicate with the sea turtle experts around North America. 

With each of the paintings she creates Carleen has the opportunity to reflect on various life lessons. Lessons to have more of us to use love and forgiveness to bring peace into our lives, which make us better for ourselves and the earth. It is these life lessons that Carleen shares with her readers to inspire a positive changes to occur in their lives. Carleen’s book Journey to the Sea Turtle was written to illustrate to others, that change begins within ourselves and even just one person can make a difference. 

Carleen offers conservation and inspirational talks to inspire others to care about our oceans and themselves. To learn more please contact Carleen here. 

​She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and signature member with the world art group, Artist for Conservation. Her artwork can be seen in various homes around the world.

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Click on the image to see either my wildlife art or my sea turtle art.
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