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What is a Coach?

"A coach is a practitioner that has been trained as an expert in how to influence lasting change as it relates to mind set and behaviours. The goal of a coach is to empower their clients to create new lifelong habits by investigating the psychology and root causes behind the issues they are facing that prevent change. The relationship between that of the coach and the client is one that gives power to the client and motivates them make their own positive health choices. This is achieved through mentoring and support in the areas of nutrition, and wellness. 


A Coach:

  • Focuses on a functional/holistic approach to health using evidence-based principles for lifestyle.

  • Works with a client achieve lifestyle goals.

  • Helps to identify road blocks that may be in the way of a client reaching their goal and staying committed.

  • Empowers the client to "take the wheel" in their own journey by building new habits and facilitating long term change. And often works in conjunction with other practitioners.

A Coach IS NOT a mental health counsellor, psychologist or therapist.

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