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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is coaching covered by any type of insurance coverage?

No unfortunately it is not a covered service yet. 

2. How is coaching and counselling different?

Counselling allows the client to go back in their personal stories to work through what has occurred and how it is affecting them in the present moment. Normally a counsellor will work with their clients through scheduled appointments that last 50 minutes.


Coaching takes a different approach, as they take the client where they are in the current moment and allow them to learn tools/skills to achieve their desired goal. In coaching we do not conduct therapy, it is about identifying the client’s personal strengths. We create a plan and steps that allow the client to grow into who they wish to become! Lastly when you work with a coach there is an opportunity for support between sessions.


3. How long do the appointments last for?

It really depends, as most sessions will be about one hour in length, but some sessions may go over in time and that is okay too.


4. How many sessions do I need?

This is a tough question to answer as with any type of behaviour change or shift it takes time to see results. Most of the clients that I work with sessions can last for about 8 to 12 sessions, before they have shifted their normal to become closer to their desired goal. Yet, there are some that only need a few sessions to help them regain control with their stresses.


5. How is it that you can help others?

I coach people so that they can reset the stress that they experience in their life. One of the main focuses is that my clients learn that they can control what they experience and identify how stress shows up in their physical body. Sessions may cover topics that will look at physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or mental stresses.


It is important that my clients know that I do my own personal work on my own stresses, daily. When a client needs help beyond my scope of professional education and experience then I will make referrals out to someone else I might know.


6. How do you take payment?

I usually take e transfer or credit card.


7. Can anyone work with you?

Yes, anyone can work with me. My sessions are focused supporting those that who want to make the changes they need to reduce their stress levels, and identify as HSP or an Empath.


8. What does a typical session look like?

An initial session is focused on identifying why the client has reached out to me, regarding to gaining support with their stresses. It is about identifying where the client currently is with these issues and where they want to be with them into the future. Finally, this initial session is about determining if working together is in the best interest of both parties.  


The following coaching sessions are uniquely catered to the client’s goals. These sessions will consist of learning about some new aspect that allows the client to gain control over the stress in their life. Together Action Steps or homework ideas, are created to further the skills that were taught in these sessions, allowing the client to make this new knowledge practical.


Each program that I develop for a client is unique to them and what they want to achieve. There are some themes that run through everyone’s programs but how the information is received and implemented becomes unique to the client that I am working with.


Support in between sessions is an option for the client too.

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