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How I work as a Coach is simple: 

I help individuals redefine themselves.


Whether this is following a loss, a change in lifestyle or simply having experienced life as an

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).


To learn more about HSPs click here.

This is accomplished by creating a personalized coaching program that brings:

New skills to move the individual forward.

Identifying what is important and brings value into the individuals life. 

Bringing attention to the innate character strengths the individual has access to.

Showing the individual ways to live with a higher sense of well-being. 

Who this is not for:

Those that are searching for therapy and reconciliation of the past.

Those that want to learn how to parent themselves.

Those that do not want to change anything about themselves.

Those feel they do not need to grow to become better.

Each of us as a unique set of STRENGTHS that we bring to everything we do.

When we know our strengths we are able to understand why we show up and experience the world in our unique way.

This is why I make STRENGTH FINDING a fundamental part of my coaching, as it helps you discover who you are, what you offer and how to move forward in your life. 

How I use my Innate Character Strengths:

Character Strengths.jpg
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