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How I work with you

With each client I customize the programs to meet their unique needs, goals and situations.  


Growth begins when we challenge ourselves to take on the obstacles that block us and learn ways to move through and past them.  In order to do this we sometimes need support through the process and this is where my services support others. 

  • I will hold space for who you want to become.

  • I will believe in you every step of the way. 

  • I will encourage you to continue to grow.

  • I will be your biggest cheerleader.

  • I will be your most trusted confidant.

  • All the time holding you accountable for your desired goals. ​

Stones of Meaning

My Coaching practice allows you to shift your beliefs, thought processes, and habits,

so that you can discover a more peaceful and purposeful life.

Learn more about what a Coach is
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Learn more about what a HeartMath Practitioner is 

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What is the investment?

I offer a range of pricing to meet those that need support. The investment is $120 for both In-person and virtual sessions* with most sessions being around 60 minutes. 

If you need support and your budget is tight reach out to me and I can share some other options that offer shorter session times. 


Bi-weekly sessions are generally booked to allow you time to integrate what we talked about and to allow us to keep momentum in you attaining your goals. 

*Virtual investment changes begin February 15th, 2023. 

Looking for specific help moving through grief and loss?

I offer education sessions using The Grief Recovery Method® and all of these programs are closed ended. These programs allow you the opportunity to learn the tools you need to become complete with the losses that are holding you back; death, divorce, and any of the 40+ losses an individual can be affected by (loss of respect, loss of safety, loss of self identify, loss of a job, loss of finances etc).


This program is for those who want:

  • a better or different yesterday.

  • more emotional connection with themselves and/or to those around them.

  • to learn how to come to terms with what has them turn towards avoidance behaviours to deal with life's stresses, such as food, drinking/drugs, self harm, anger, shopping and more.

  • better relationships in their current relationships, with their partners, children, parents and/or friends.


Program commitment: Per session $120 or payment schedule is offered to those that require it, allowing everyone to access support. 


Learn more about the
Grief Recovery Method® Click here...


Ready to take the next step?

Book here for your Initial Session.

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