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What it all means

Growth begins when we challenge ourselves to take on the obstacles that block us and learn ways to move through and past them.  In order to do this we sometimes need support through the process and this is where my services support others. 

A typical Coaching session looks something like this:

  1. Client introduces what they would like to be different, or need help with, or what they would like to achieve. 

  2. Coaching then is centred around the issue that the client would like more self-awareness on or understanding of.

  3. Steps are created in how the client can move from their current state of awareness, understanding or behaviour to be more inline with where they want to be. 

  4. An additional session may then be booked if it is agreed upon by the client and coach. ​

Stones of Meaning

My Coaching practice allows you to learn new ways to personally show up in the world.

This is done by teaching tools and methods to shift your beliefs, thought processes, and habits.

What this does is allows you to live more on purpose while becoming the expert of yourself.

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The Different Ways to Work with Me

Individual Coaching Session: 

These are sessions specially created to meet your specific needs to move your life forward.


This is for anyone who might need to gain a better perspective of their life, behaviours, or emotions.  



Over time it will help the client to increase their self-awareness, self-wisdom, and self-confidence within themselves or their life direction.


COMMITMENT: One hour devoted to YOU!

$120 each adult session

$ 85 each youth or senior session

Grief Recovery Method: 

Those that are looking for specific help to move through and beyond their loss and grief. This is an educational approach towards one's grief story and is a closed ended program. You will learn tools to allow you to discovery completion with the losses that are holding you back, such as death, divorce, and any of the 40+ losses an individual can be affected by (loss of respect, loss of safety, loss of self identify, loss of a job, loss of finances etc).


Anyone and everyone that wants to move forward in their life and improve the relationship that they have with themselves and others. 

COMMITMENT: Once a week session for 8 weeks.

$120 per session - discounts available those that want to pay for all 8 sessions at once.   

SPARKs Resiliency Program: 

This is psychoeducation program that teaches the participant how to increase their resiliency with the use of evidence based practices found largely in positive psychology, cognitive behaviour coaching and acceptance and commitment therapy. It was created by Dr. Ilona Boniwell, been delivered in countries around the world and researched for it's effectiveness. 


This program can be delivered to group sizes 5 individuals and up. It can also be scaled to be a program delivered in individual one to one coaching sessions. It is an important program for everyone to know especially for those that want to move forward in their life, improve the relationship that they have with themselves and others, and those supporting others who are suffering from trauma. 

COMMITMENT: Delivery of the full program takes 12 hours to deliver over a 6 week commitment. While the full program provides detailed information not everyone has that kind of time. Which is why it is also offered in smaller sessions, as low as a half day program for groups and as one to one sessions for individual clients. 

$120 per session for individuals - discounts available those that want to pay for all sessions at once.   

Group pricing varies depending on the size of the group, which package they sign up for, form of delivery and needs of the organization.

Creating Better Emotional Connection 

Many programs out there teach from an intellectual way to support others. Where this program differs is that it includes the typical approach while introducing the emotional intelligence needed to support the neurodivergent and highly sensitive population. The information included in the program is scientifically supported, and well established within the mindfulness movement. It will teach the participant how to support others in trauma/loss as well as how to support themselves.


This program was designed to support Emergency Service Professionals, Teachers and Organizations. It is for those groups that want to learn how to support 100% of the population, including those that process the world more emotionally.

COMMITMENT: A full day program: 6 hours.

Contact to find out fee structure as different options are available to organizations such as just delivery of program to other options including an one hour private coaching session to all participants. 


Learn more about the
Grief Recovery Method® Click here...

Mentoring programs

In mentoring sessions the answers do not come from just the conversation between coach and client, but are shared from the coaches experience and training. These sessions are very different than coaching in that the client can access any information that the coach is able to provide and help guide them to a new way of thinking.  

A typical Mentoring session looks something like this:

  1. Client introduces what they would like to learn more about, need help with, or what they would like to achieve. 

  2. The Coach then helps guide the client with the knowledge that they have acquired allowing the client to increase more self-awareness on or understanding of the desired topic.

  3. These sessions can sometimes look like a question and answer dialogue. With most run with a specific agenda to increase the client's knowledge quickly.  

  4. An additional session may then be booked if it is agreed upon by the client and coach. ​

Mentoring session

Mentorship for Teens

This program was created as Carleen understands what it is like to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Neurodivergent and constantly feel overwhelmed from the world around her. She has experienced the world this way since she was young and has not only navigated her way successfully through life experiences, she has also acquired vast training to help others do the same. Each client will acquired different information which will be catered to exactly what they are looking to attain, and the best part is Carleen will share openly with them everything that she knows. While there will be some coaching in these sessions, the main focus will be built around the client understanding how to navigate with success the world as an HSP and Neurodivergent person.  


This program is for those teens that feel life is too overwhelming and identify as Highly Sensitive, Empathic, or Neurodivergent.

COMMITMENT: One hour devoted to YOU!

$ 85 each youth 

Boundaries for the Creative

This program was created as Carleen understands what it is like to be a creative who wants to be treated as a professional, feel like what they create makes a difference and look at their business practice with pride. Since the beginning Carleen has built her creative business into a practice that has strong ethics, boundaries and international recognition. In this Creative Program Carleen will share how to increase your confidence as a creator, how to make a name for yourself in the industry, how to deal with setbacks, and much more!  


This program is for those creators that feel they need help creating a professional presence; those wanting to learn how to deal with rejection; and those wanting to build self esteem as a creator/artist. 

COMMITMENT: One hour devoted to YOU!

$120 per session for adults ~ group pricing coming soon.  

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