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Public Speaking Testimonies
Women's summit
How to Deal with Stress:

In Carleen's presentation I found my biggest take away was where she talks about forgiving yourself of all the shoulda, coulda wouldas. To remember that I did the best with the tools I had at the time.

~ M. Slater

Carleen presenting to others
Creating Connection with Ones Purpose:

Carleen it was so inspiring to hear about your sea turtle journey. 

~ A. Bowles

Loved your talk and your art! You had a great story, that we all wanted to hear!

~ N. Callicott

Connection to Our Oceans:
Carleen in the classroom

A big THANK YOU to Conservation Artist Carleen Ross for making a special trip to Lethbridge to teach my students about her art work as well as the importance of protecting our precious sea turtles! We are so lucky and honoured to have her in our school and classroom!! Thank you Carleen!!

~ Jacqueline Grover,

Ecole Agnes Davidson, Lethbridge AB

Thank you for coming to our school. I think you touched on a lot: life of the different sea turtles, how humans can help them. I would like to have you come back to present to the older grades. 

~ A. Tremblay,

Ecole Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Sherwood Park, AB

How To With Loss: A Practical Explanation:
RAC webinar

Carleen Ross was professional in all our interactions with her. Her presentation on "How to deal with loss: A practical explanation for the practitioner and the client" was well prepared by Carleen and well received by participants

~ Reflexology Association of Canada. 

I enrolled  in Carleen’s RAC webinar “ How to deal with loss: A practical explanation for practitioner and the client”. I was very excited about it since I have many clients dealing with that. I always take away something from the webinars to apply to my practice or regular life, but this one touched me more than any others. What I learned was invaluable. Her willingness to be open to all of us members was fantastic and her follow up emails were so supportive.


~ T. Simbrow RCRT

Hello Carleen. I'm a Registered Reflexologist from BC. I just listened to your webinar on experiencing loss. WOW! I appreciated everything you shared. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

~ S. Gaiga RRPr. (dba) The Perfect Touch

Emotional Connection in the Classroom:

Carleen is a wonderful presenter. Her material is so relevant and necessary. Not only did her teachings solidify my belief about detaching from the ego in order to care for and serve others; it also opened my eyes to the depth of trauma in some people's lives - young or older. Learning how to communicate in order too gently touch on such a sensitive subject is something I will use in my own teachings and in life. I am so grateful to have been a part of these sessions. Thank you Carleen! 

Chris Cartier

This course is an invitation to dig deeper and to know oneself better, with the ultimate goals of both healing and greater joy in one's own life, as well as becoming more equipped to support your students in their own journey.


Emotional connections are so important in the classroom. If you don't have those strong positive connections with your students, how are they going to learn from you? How can you ask them to do things if you can't connect with them at the most basic level? My relationship with my students are the first and foremost important thing in my classroom. This year has shown me that while I still have this belief, I need to care for myself better so I can continue to help and guide my students.

Patricia Arce B.Ed

Supporting Others During Loss & Stress - VSU
  • “The material was very insightful.”

  • “Very clear, easy to understand and relate to.”

  • ” It was very engaging and thought provoking. I learned a lot.”

  • “This is information would benefit so many of our members.”

  • “I got lots of great info today, some I had no idea about.”

  • “Very good, it was enlightening the job we do and reaffirming the importance and good we are for others.”

  • “There was lots of great information and the scenarios were very helpful.”

  • “It was very helpful to help understand how to better grieve myself and to not bring it when helping others.”

  • “As a new advocate and someone that struggles with emotions this was very insightful.”

  • “Well presented and awesome supporting material, workbooks, and videos.”

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