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Is an evidence based close ended educational program that helps individuals discover completion with their losses.

Grief Recovery Method®


Grief and loss have no time limit as to when it becomes time to address them.


When we have unresolved grief in our lives, we may continually talk about how things could have been better, more, or different with a past experience or relationship. This is our signal that we are still effected by a loss we have experienced or are expressing.


There is not one type of grief that is worse than the other, it is all experienced at 100% by the individual. 

Myths about how to deal with grief including:

• Don't Feel Bad.
• Replace the Loss.
• Grieve Alone.
• Grief Just Takes Time [or Time Heals All Wounds]
• Be Strong & Be Strong for Others.
• Keep Busy

GRMchildren loss

Grief Recovery Programs®:

  • One on One Support 

  • Group Support

  • Helping Children with Loss: adult driven

  • Pet Loss Support


The Grief Recovery Method® programs are educational based and are closed ended. These programs allow you the opportunity to learn the tools you need to become complete with the losses that are holding you back. This program not only helps with those that are affected by death and divorce, it is beneficial for any of the 40+ losses an individual can be affected by.


It is a program that can help anyone:

  • Who has hopes for a better or different yesterday.

  • Who wants to have more emotional connection with themselves and/or to those around them.

  • Who turns too avoidance behaviours to deal with life's stresses, such as food, drinking/drugs, self harm, anger, shopping and more.

  • Who have unfulfilled dreams and hopes with their current relationships.

  • Parents that want to learn how to better support their children emotionally

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