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Original Work by Carleen Ross

Acrylic on Canvas
24 Inch by 48 Inch by 1.5 Inch

$1500 CDN

(includes shipping to anywhere in Canada, all other countries please contact for exact pricing).


Colours are representative of the orignal painting and may differ depending on the computer screen that you use.

To gain the best viewing of the painting please, watch the video as it was filmed in natural sunlight. 

Presence SQ_Carleen_Ross.jpg

Many think that we need to have a big presence to be seen, noticed, or remembered. Yet, this miss-belief distracts us from what is most important. We were granted the opportunity to live our lives so that we can share the essence of who we are with others. It is not the large and bold that has the greatest impact in this life, it is the action of love and support that others will come to cherish. It is this space that allows for the opportunity to sit and enjoy the beauty, without distractions. 

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