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Original Work by Carleen Ross

Acrylic on Canvas
30 Inch by 24 Inch by 1.5 Inch

$ 1850 CDN

(includes shipping to anywhere in Canada, all other countries please contact for exact pricing).


Colours are representative of the orignal painting and may differ depending on the computer screen that you use.

To gain the best viewing of the painting please, watch the video as it was filmed in natural sunlight. 


Whether we realize it or not we have a choice in how we experience life. While we cannot limit the experiences that we live through, we can limit how we let them affect us. We are all granted moments that will shape us into different versions of ourselves, and it is up to us to choose if we will view these experiences through eyes of love and acceptance or through eyes of fear and hate. With every adverse life experience, we can either try to fit these moments into our current beliefs of the world, or we can assimilate them into a new way of thinking. This is the Matrix do you choose to stay in what you currently believe or do you want to move through the static and view a new world with eyes of love?

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