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Recognizing your intelligence.

There are many that will state that they are not smart enough. They are not intelligent enough. That they have nothing to offer. To those individuals I would like to have them realize that they are not intact being completely honest with themselves, as they do in fact posses all of those things, just not in the way that they define intelligence!

There are nine types of intellect based as per the American Psychological Association. (APA) These are:

  1. Spatial intellect: visualizing the world in 3D.

  2. Musical intellect: discerning sounds, their pitch, tone, rhythm and timbre.

  3. Naturalistic intellect: understanding living things and reading nature.

  4. Inter-personal intellect: sensing people’s feelings and motives.

  5. Intra-personal intellect: understanding yourself, what you feel, and what you want.

  6. Existential intellect: tackling the questions of why we live, and why we die.

  7. Body-kinesthic intellect: coordinating your mind with your body.

  8. Linguistic intellect: finding the right words to express what you mean.

  9. Logical - mathematical intellect: quantifying things, making hypotheses and proving them.

So when you look at how intelligence is categorized by the APA, where can you see yourself placed? Are you gifted in music? Are you gifted in knowing what others around you are feeling? Do you spend hours contemplating our existence in this world? Are you an amazing athlete? Or are you a beautiful combination of a few? It is time to start to recognize that these are ALL forms of intelligence, along with those subjects that we had to study in school.

We all have gifts to offer the world and it is time to not only recognize this, but allow these gifts to shine and pour out of ourselves to help illuminate the world around us. If you agree or would like help how to discover this in you drop me a comment below!

photo credit: David Cassalato

drop me a comment below!

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