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Personal belief systems and how they create your own reality

Our belief systems affect every aspect of our lives. Now, I am not writing about religious beliefs but rather the personal beliefs that you run about yourself. As it is those underlying beliefs that help shape your version of the world around you. There are not two people that can experience the same event the same way, each person’s version of reality is altered by their past experiences, their internal dialogue and their own personal belief systems that they run about themselves. Some of our belief systems are what bring us our strengths and positives that we have within us. While other belief systems, are outdated and inhibit us to experiencing the fullness of life. Good news is these outdated belief systems can be rewritten and shifted into something that brings us strength. When I was younger I had a erroneous belief system that I was not smart. This belief was installed and supported every time I heard someone state that I was unintelligent, or my point of view was wrong in their eyes, or that I was not a good student (even though I was a 70 to 80% average student in high school), or just a little girl with not a big brain, or better to just sit there than to say anything, etc. I carried this faulty belief system about myself for many years, and if you asked me, I could find reference in the world around me to continually prove it. Yet, one insightful day when I was a student in university, one of my professors asked me to close the binds in his classroom for him. I was embarrassed at first as everyone in the auditorium sized classroom was looking at me, and I never liked to be the center of attention. Yet I moved to window surprised, that this professor even knew my name. Once I was there I got even more uncomfortable, because I couldn’t even figure out how to close these silly blinds (my erroneous belief about myself was proven again! I’m not even smart enough to close these blinds). Feeling uncomfortable I turned back to my professor with a look of defeat on my face and my hands in the air when he spoke words that shifted my beliefs and how I saw myself. He said: “It is a sad day when one of my brightest students can’t even figure out how to close a set of blinds.” Yes, it was funny and we all laughed but for me it was extremely powerful as it was the first time anyone had ever referred to me as bright! As smart! This one sentence began to change my own personal beliefs about myself. I was smart, and of course I was, I was getting 80 - 90% in all my university classes. I had never noticed before, because my faulty belief system did not allow me to recognize my success. A personal belief systems that you run about yourself may need a deep cleaning! What is it that you believe about yourself that you no longer want to feed? What belief are you carrying that does not serve your highest good? I look at my beliefs continually to make sure they come from love not from fear, so that I can create the beautiful reality that I want in life. Just food for thought.

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