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My Path

I wanted to let everyone know about the path that I have been on these last few months. I have been training to become a Health coach through an internationally recognized program. With my coaching services I will be working with individuals who find themselves lost within their emotions and the context of their life. I help them connect with the strengths that they have within, understand the messages that their emotions bring and introduce how to bring more peace and direction into the life that they are living.

My sessions are all about highlighting the beauty in others lives. For years I have tried to inspire others through the artwork that I have created, within the words I have written in my book ‘Journey to the Sea Turtle’ and in my school program presentations to lead better lives for themselves and the world around them. But I realized that by taking this educational path I had the opportunity to help others even more and help guide them to their best version of themselves.

I have been a focused artist for the last nine years but most of you don’t know why. I would tell people that I made the drastic shift to retire from my busy massage/ reflexology business to focus on my art and my family, but the underlying reason for this shift was that I went through a spiritual crisis. It was at that time my awareness for everything greater than myself exploded and it turned my world upside down.

This shift in awareness had me begin to question my life and the world around me. Luckily I had a friend who was able to shine a light in the darkness that I had created around myself. She taught me how to forgive myself and others. She taught me how to love and bring love into my world. She called me on the lies that I had told myself which had brought my vibration down and which had created my version of reality.

If it was not for her, I may not have been here making this post. As without the light that she shone into my despair I would have made the decision to leave this world.

When you are so lost in the darkness you have around yourself it is as if someone placed you in a pitch black room where you are not able to see the beauty that exists. Focusing on the loved ones you have in your life and how you would be responsible for their misery only places the importance in the wrong direction. The direction needs to highlight YOUR importance to YOU. This is your life and we all have gifts that we’re here to share with the world. We are all miracles.

I made it through my low point not because of my love for my husband, or the love I have for my two boys or my friends. It came about because I began to see the colours in the world around me; I began to love everyone and most importantly I began to love myself and MY life. It was this beauty and seeing the world with new eyes that allowed me to see the amazing colours that enabled me to create the life and the artwork I create. This new vision set me onto the path I am in now.

As an artist and as a coach I want to be able to hold the flashlight to show the pathway to the light that resides in others until they can see it on their own. My path is to show others the beauty that they have and the world has to offer.

If you are interested in finding out more about my coaching services please send me a private message or drop a heart in the comments below and I will reach out to you. I work with individuals in any time zone and my session can be held over the phone, through Zoom, Facetime and if permitted face to face.

Remember your life adds to the beauty of this world. We all bring our own colours to the amazing artwork of life.

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