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What Grief Taught Me

What I have learned in the last year.

That saying Sorry goes along way - don’t try and have wisdom that you don’t possess.

To speak your truth.

That there are many ways to say I Love You. It might even sound like “Do you want Wonton or Pho?”

That there is strength in showing your tears.

That emotions come in waves and grief can leave you with no breath.

Live your life with honour and with no regrets, as you can not be sure when your last breath is coming.

That in an instant life no longer exists.

That there are signs all around us showing us love, from a little moth to cascading hearts from the stars.

That silence brings many answers.

That a heart will mend but the scars it creates stay forever. You forgive and love but those that have touched you will never leave you.

That we are spirits but we need to experience human existence. We are meant to be sorrowful when loss occurs.

That others will say that they’re for you, but when you call on them for aid they are not there. Could be that they want to look like a compassionate person, but don't really know how to be one. Or by saying these words they are reflecting the person they would like to be.

That waterproof mascara is essential.

That nothing is really waterproof.

That when you think you have no more tears…. they still find a way.

That in time when you sit and work through and with your emotions, you will come out of this situation stronger!

If you find yourself lost within your life or your emotions send me a message, to find out how I can connect you to the meaning of your emotions, help you discover more peace within your life, and help you discover what direction you need to follow now.

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