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Mental Health

To assess mental wellbeing one needs to understand and get in touch with various elements of their life. Here are some thoughts that may help you investigate how you see yourself in this world.

The emotions that cycle within your day will help to determine your existence. If you are constantly chasing the emotions that are associated with fulfillment such as happiness and joy; you will be missing out on the messages that the other 27 emotions are trying to convey with you. What do your relationships tell you about yourself, how you see the world around you and how you fit in it? Are you around others that continually tell you what to do? Or are you the one constantly in charge of all the decisions? Do these relationships bring you peace or do they bring you sorrow? How engaged are you with everything? Do you allow others to see you for what you bring or do you hide what you can offer? Do you allow others into your life or do you continually wait for others to notice you?

How do you connect with the meaning of life and its messages? Are you one to put faith in the hope of things? Or do you look for proof the fact, in things before your beliefs will follow? Have you ever looked and noticed the strengths and gifts that you bring to this world or do you lack the confidence of what you have to offer?

Mental health begins with being in touch with everything that you stand for; everything that you believe in; everything that you bring in; everything that you consume; everything that you feel; everything that you place hope in and everything that run within yourself. It is when you embrace the aspects that you can have control over and surrender to the aspects in life that you have no control over. It is like seeing a sunset and recognizing what it is, what it means to you, what you can take away from its sight and what you bring to the beauty of it.

It is important that we realize that a cry for help from someone who is struggling is not necessarily as clear and concise as we think it may be. Sometimes it is a simple request for a casual get together, a phone call, a text, a coffee date, or even a question of ‘How are you doing?”.

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