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What I have to offer

You might be thinking: “What can she even offer me, in regards to improving my health and life?” A very valid question, so I thought I would share my educational background with you:

~ Retired Massage Therapist (20 Years experience) ~ Reiki Master: Usui System ~ Bachelor of Science in Psychology ~ Worked as a Career and Employment Councillor for troubled youth ~ Solution Focused Therapy Level One: Solution Focused Strategies ~ Solution Focused Therapy Level Two: Working with Difficult Problems ~ Created and Taught programs for the Massage Therapy program at the college level ~ Reflexologist: Feet, Hands and Ears ~ Trained Reflexology Instructor with the Reflexology Association of Canada ~ Personal Emotional Empathy and Self Care Training ~ Published author of: Journey to the Sea Turtle, which not only educates the reader about these amazing animals but also shares beautiful and thought provoking ways to become a better version of yourself spiritually and mentally. ~ Akashic Records: Level One and Two ~ A student of Shamanic studies ~ Currently obtaining my Health and Life Coach Training

I believe in order to be able to understand and speak to individuals from various backgrounds, one needs to learn how to think differently. I am proud of my various educational background, as it has allowed me to learn various languages that I can use to help myself and others . For it is only when we can speak to someones heart that we can truly reach them.

Please follow me at: Instagram - @QuestWellnessCentre Facebook: @QuestWellnessCentre

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