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First Mother's Day Without Her


It’s a complex emotion. It brings us to a place of rawness and vulnerability if we allow it to.

It reminds us of the love we had for someone or something, that is now missing in our life.

It enables us to see compassion.

It opens our eyes and heart to see how others are in the world around us, and how and we function in the world with them.

This will be the first Mother’s Day weekend that I will not have a mother. It’s been 10 months now and I cannot even remember who or what I did a year ago, and I don’t want to.

The person I have become is more than my old self ever was, for I have been reminded each day to live and support others in their time of loss. To remind them of what is still present in their life. To inspire them to find their purpose and bring about their greatness.

For me this life lesson unfortunately came when she left.

With love always. ❤️💕

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