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I'm Carleen Ross (she/her)
I am also a Highly Sensitive Person & Empath

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) make up 15 - 20% of the population.


Individuals with this trait are able to notice more of their subtile environmental cues; including the behavioural and emotional states of themselves and others. They process information to a great depth than others, and feel emotions at a deeper level. They can become easily overwhelmed and over stimulated; resulting in the need for greater down time. 

Empaths make up 5% of the population.

Individuals with this trait can process intuitive information though their own emotional and body senses, among other ways.

They can then become sponges for the subtle energies around us. 

How this impact those that work with me?

Being an HSP and Empath has allowed me to serve and support others more fully, as I understand emotions and the meaning of things on a different level than most. In the workshops and presentations that I offer I am able to educate on how to support 100% of the population, as most stress/grief & loss programs have no information on how to support those that process the world emotionally. 

Being both an HSP and an Empath I am able to support my clients on a different level than those with out these traits. 

Learn more about HSP click here.

Contact me for an Initial Session to see how I can support you: 

Gain control of your emotions

Decrease stress

Become more aware of your body/physical awareness

Set life goals

Improve self confidence

Overcome a divorce

Overcome a death

Learn to love yourself

Shifts with life changes

Increase your creativity


I am passionate about seeing my clients discover the ways that they can control their life stresses and emotions. We accomplish this by allowing them to become even more aware of how they store the stresses in their bodies, their lives; by taking who they are right now and moving them towards the person they want to be.


How I work is not therapy as we do not address what has happened in the past situations of ones life, we focus on the present and work towards the future. If you are interested in investigating the past I would highly recommend getting into with a registered counsellor or psychologist.   


Healing and spirituality (the belief of something beyond yourself) has been the path that I have walked and studied for my entire life. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, studied and worked as a Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Emergency Medical Responder, Employment and Career Councillor, Artist and Art Teacher. I have various eastern healing learnings such as Shamanic studies, Akashic Records and Reiki Master. I have studied various evidence proven methods such as trauma courses from Gabor Mate, Grief Recovery Method® and HeartMath®.   


I have seen and experienced the power of combining western and eastern worlds to make a lasting impact on ones life: mind, body and spirit.


I am trained to working with other Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and individuals experiencing deep emotional states, so that they can excel in their outer and inner life. As a HSP I realize how making the journey through your emotions can create an overwhelming experience and support is sometimes needed to help guide you through this new pathway, which is why I am here. 

To see a full list of my professional education click here

The best part of my coaching practice is that it is not therapy!


I get to work with my clients as they are in the present moment and support them to become who and what they want to be in the future!

 I am excited to share that you can now have in-person sessions with me at:
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