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I am an Artist &

a Positive Psychology Coach

 I bring All That I AM  into everything that I do. 

Who I AM:

Carleen Ross 2023

I experience the world as a Highly Sensitive Person and as a neurodivergent person. Which means that I am one of 20% of the population that sees and experiences the world differently than the average person. 

I believe in the importance of a eudaimonic approach to life. This means the importance is placed on the difference we can make for the world around ourselves versus our own importance. An eudaimonic approach holds the importance on the learnings that occur along the journey versus reaching the destination. It highlights that happiness can be found in the smallest places which can bring forth post traumatic growth. 


In order to increase our wellbeing we need to embrace everything that we are. Which is why I named my business All That I AM, as I bring all that I am into everything I create and I support my clients to learn how to do this for themselves. 

No matter where I am I bring my education, my strengths and my unique way of seeing the world with me. This allows others to be exposed to another way, so that they can discover the beauty that exists within themselves and in the world around them. This allows them to recognize the strengths and values that they can bring forth within their situations and experiences. Which ultimately raises levels of happiness, confidence, peace and achievement. 

I only take on a small number of clients, which allows me to fully support them in the growth they are hoping to achieve. If you are interested in working with me today so we can see if how I work aligns with where you want to be in life, your relationships, and your work. 


SPARK Resiliency programs; Grief Recovery Method programs; HeartMath programs; Spiritual guidance programs,

Art Programs, & Coaching Psychology sessions. 


  • My artwork can be seen in homes around the world and in several books.

  • My words and voice help educate and inspire others to see their life and meaning in a different way. 

  • I support my clients through Coaching Psychology, using evidence based approaches to inspire change. 

Looking for a unique Keynote speaker or lunch time learning session?

Contact me today and learn how an Artist, Positive Psychology Coach and Neurodivergent

can raise the wellbeing of your audience. 

Some organizations I have already presented at are:

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News for the Soul coaching in the akashic
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To enter my site choose the area you are most interested in. 

Purpose by Carleen Ross
Creating art to raise awareness & hope.

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Supporting neurodivergent individuals to unlock their potential.   

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