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Meet Carleen:

Carleen Ross 2023

Carleen Ross is an artist, author, international speaker, and coach.


Carleen's artistic talent was undeniable, and it didn't take long for her to secure her first gallery representation. She has had national-level recognition for her artwork and several solo art shows. Her artwork has been represented alongside Robert Bateman in festivals and calendars, and she has represented Western Canada in international art exhibitions. In 2017, the RCMP Heritage Centre purchased her series titled 'From Sea to Sea,' which showcased the life of an RCMP member. Her artwork is supported by multiple Sea Turtle conservation organizations such as Malama i na honu. With each piece she creates, she combines science and art to leave the viewer experiencing beautiful energy as they notice the beauty these animals possess. 

Carleen holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Life and Health Coaching certificates, and is accomplishing her Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology Coaching Psychology. She uses these designations among others to make a profound difference in her coaching client's lives.


With her education Carleen delivers conservation and inspirational talks at various organizations and schools, encouraging others to harness their gifts to transform their perception and the world around them. She accomplishes this by combining science and creative exercises to teach individuals skills for better communication, confidence, and self-awareness.


Her international articles and book, 'Journey to the Sea Turtle,' are a testament to the power of art and education in fostering self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-actualization. 

In order to increase our wellbeing we need to embrace everything that we are, which is why she named her business

All That I AM.  As she brings all that she is into everything she does, and it is her mission to support others in learning how to do this for themselves.

Carleen uses her education, strengths, creativity, and her neurodiverse way of seeing the world to allow others to be exposed to another form of perception and discover the beauty within themselves and in the world around them. Many of Carleen's clients are neurodivergent, women wanting to feel empowered, empaths, and those going through life transitions (grief, children growing up, divorce). 


  • Artwork can be seen in homes around the world and in several books.

  • Words and voice are used to help educate and inspire others to see their life and meaning in a different way. 

  • Coaches using a Positive Psychology Coaching Psychology approach (based on evidence based approaches). 

Looking for a unique Keynote speaker or lunch time learning session?

Contact Carleen today and learn how an Artist, a Positive Psychology Coach and Neurodivergent can raise

the wellbeing of your audience. 

Some of the organizations Carleen has worked with:

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News for the Soul coaching in the akashic
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