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Original Work by Carleen Ross

Acrylic on Canvas
36 Inch by 24 Inch b
y 1.5 Inch

$2750 CDN


Colours are representative of the orignal painting and may differ depending on the computer screen that you use.

To gain the best viewing of the painting please, watch the video as it was filmed in natural sunlight. 

CONNECTED close up

To be connected can be defined as being united, joined, linked, or even in communication with another. When we see others who have made a strong connection with another or a group that we are not a part of, we may feel lesser or excluded. By observing another’s success at finding connection, we may feel our oddities highlighted. This can happen even when the connection we are witness to is solely with another person, such as a lover or friend. This can also happen when we witness a person who finds a connection with their divine, in which they feel a connection with their own beliefs and spiritual path, allowing them to feel connected to and with Earth. The main goal in life is for us to find a connection within ourselves and in turn, realize our true purpose.

Connected oringinal on wall
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