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Client Testimonials:
Coaching Client Testimonies

"Carleen continues to inspire me to lead with our inherent gifts!
She is a true practitioner that leads with genuine kindness and clarity towards questioning self - towards the empowerment of our wholeness. 
I acknowledge Carleen's insight to navigate the realm of grief & recovery towards the discovery of making things anew in this life and beyond. 

With appreciation Carleen, I raise my hands to you and your light work." 

~ Shelby L

"I really felt celebrated by my coach and how she gave me grace while holding me accountable."

" Working with Carleen in our sessions has allowed me to change my frame of mind, so that I feel happier. That I am more mindful of my thoughts and who I am being while I eat and go about my day."

~ Lorelei K. from Alberta, Canada

"Carleen supported where I am at in my life journey beautifully. She has so much knowledge around how all areas of life intersect with health. I could tell that she really cared about making this program meaningful and personalized to me and my health. I tend to focus more on my spiritual and energetic health than physical and she helped me to balance my attention back to my physicality. I feel really good! Thank you Carleen!"

~ K.Vass, from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

"Carleen is very gifted and intuitive. She has such a gentle spirit and her energy is amazing."

~ P. S from Michigan, USA

" Carleen is very passionate. She was able to find a reasonable and fun solution to taking my power back in a difficult situation."

~ Deb G. from Chicago, USA

"I am so very grateful for the time I spent with a Health Coach. I gained some healthy habits and other tools which help me navigate through these challenging times. I would definitely recommend to anyone."

"I don’t know where to start when speaking of the professionalism and knowledge Carleen offers as a coach. The words amazing and brilliant do not show her justice. I was in a major downswing in my life for 3 years and I couldn’t stop the spiral. It was bad. Really bad. Not to get into specifics but I truly felt I had nothing left to live for. I connected with Carleen and from our first session, I felt hope. She has shown me (with the right mix of compassion and accountability) the tools to better myself and to overcome the trauma I have experienced throughout my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton more work to do and obstacles to overcome but now I feel there’s a good chance I can do this. I sit here 90 days later a much better person. She is definitely a life changer. Words cannot express the gratitude I have. Thank you Carleen from the bottom of my heart."

~ David Robert, Hinton, AB


"I attended Carleen's Grief Recovery Method course. She guided our group through the steps of acknowledging our losses by using her own experiences. I felt completely safe and supported throughout this course. I am so grateful for all that I have learned and what I was able to release. I am looking forward to examining other losses and continuing to let go of what I no longer need to carry. Thank you, Carleen!"

~ Mary Reschny

" I look at loss more broadly. I learned about my feelings that I have always kept tucked away. The graphs I completed and the apology/forgiveness/strong emotional statement was very powerful for me."

"This program [Grief Recovery Method] worked really well for me. The loss graph really summarized my life well~ high highs and low lows. It really brought to awareness that I desire more of the middle way and that it is within my power to create it. Carleen Ross created a safe space for me to voice and process this. She also assisted me with processing the emotions that came with completing a grief for someone who is still very much alive."

Carleen, I wanted to tell you how amazing your course has been to me. It opened up a whole new way of thinking for me. 

Last night I posted our SUV for sale as Curtis and I are replacing it. I had told the kids and they came with us to purchase a new vehicle. 

Surprising, our SUV sold within 5 minutes of posting it. 

One of my sons was up crying until 11pm when he would normally be asleep at 9pm. He was so sad we sold the SUV and it wasn't much time for him to process it. I used all the tools you taught me. I was so happy I had that knowledge. I feel I have a cutting edge to help our kids through losses we wouldn't even realized. 

Thank you Carleen. I'm so lucky to have you as a mentor. 

~ Lana P.

I am so glad that I said yes to this course. I lost my Dad 2 years ago and I am looking forward to doing a family completion of our grief. Carleen Ross was the perfect facilitator for our group. I really enjoyed the book and the perspective it gave me. The main reason I said yes to this course was to support our children in dealing with the move from school to distance learning during Covid 19. Carleen's examples really helped us process and look at other perspectives and possible losses that we might have overlooked. There is an expanded awareness of the conversations we can continue to foster in our home. I am filled with grace and gratitude!

~ K.V.

This program was good as it opened my eyes to what is loss. Especially from a child's point of view. Moving, or loss of a favourite toy was not something I thought of as loss. But after going through this program it made me more aware. This is good because I can now have discussions with this knowledge and will hopefully be able to help them through this. For my own past loss I realized that maybe I have not fully grieved the loss of my parents when I was 11 and 17 years old. Although I thought I had, the Emotional Energy Checklist and letter writing sections of the book made me think back to how something like that would have been good to do. I look forward to sitting down and going through this process and to grieve. Thank you for this course it was great.

~ S.V.

Carleen you have helped me a great deal to learn how to navigate through this path. I have recognized important truths in the way I live my life. Your guidance is much appreciated. Thank you.
~ Veronica Day

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