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Original Work by Carleen Ross

Acrylic on Canvas
36 Inch by 24 Inch b
y 1.5 Inch

$1675 CDN

(includes shipping to anywhere in Canada, all other countries please contact for exact pricing).


Colours are representative of the orignal painting and may differ depending on the computer screen that you use.

To gain the best viewing of the painting please, watch the video as it was filmed in natural sunlight. 

Breathe  painting on wall
BREATHE close up image

Image Reference was supplied from the Canadian Sea Turtle Network. 

Breathing seems like a simple act of air exchange done by our bodies without thought. But if we are to realize the moments that we need to breathe, we may see that we do not stop to take enough breaths in our day-to-day activities. When we stop to take a breath, we are in need of inner solitude. We are in need of pushing that pause button on life so we can grasp what is happening to and around us. By stopping to breathe, we give ourselves that moment to be at one with ourselves, and realize what really matters. If anything, by stopping to take a breath, we are coming to terms with the fact that we are still alive on this Earth, and this is such a blessing!

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