Speaking Engagements

I am PASSIONATE about having others know more about how to support those that are experiencing loss and stress. So many people feel alone and it is through our words, body language and showing true COMPASSION that we can shift this. 


My speaking engagements allow various organizations, companies and personal to feel more EDUCATED and have a better UNDERSTANDING for the situations that they find themselves in. 

The participants will leave my presentations with more HOPE, KNOWLEDGE and an increased COMPASSION for themselves and the world around them.

Each of my presentations allow for a UNIQUE look into how to SUPPORT EVERYONE no matter how they process their world and life experiences. Each presentation covers how a highly sensitive person may be affected, allowing those that leave my courses know how to support 100% of the population not just 80%. 


If you have a group that could benefit from speaking services contact me and I would love to connect with you.

I speak on:

- Importance of connection to our oceans ~ science through the eyes of an artist.

- How to create connection in times of loss ~ learn what loss is and how to support others and yourself.

- How to improve customer staff relationships.

- Create connection in the classroom ~ how to support your students with their loss and stresses. 

- How to experience and honour loss through our senses

- Various Lunch and learn seminars for businesses, focused on supporting others, with stress, language, and the importance of

body language. 


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